The future of waste collection, cleaner and greener world

Underground Waste Collection is a paradigm shift from a very old traditional concept of waste collection. Thisremarkable change has the capacity to get rid of those ugly, smelly sights of waste materials and replace them with clean and pleasant sights. These are long lasting steel containers that dump waste in large underground collectors. These stand-alone underground containers collect the waste material in a huge prefabricated container below the surface and present a vertical bin as an inlet on the surface level where waste is introduced. The modular design of these containers does not generate any architectural barriers and provides completely safe access to all kinds of users. These are just simple but versatile cost effective waste recycling systems.

Our Idea

These system’s installations will add to a better and healthier environment by reducing noise of waste vehicles, bad odour of wastes and increasing garbage collection. So it will improve overall safety and hygienic levels of cities.The flexibility in its siting requirements makes such systems ideal for the replacement of traditional wheel containers. It improves the quality of waste collection service therefore the quality of life.

Our Prospects

This system reduces operational costs by reducing vehicle cost, fuel cost and personnel cost. Wastecollection containers have low environmental impact. This utilization of underground space is actually greater the availability of space on the land that could be used for social activities, developmental projects etc.


Since innovation is our ground, flexibility and modularity are key features of our waste collection containers. Changings can be made at any time like setting and regulating the loading level of containers, auto control options, convenient exchange systems and easy access and mobility of containers using recognition devices.


Our Quality

Our systems are designed to work for a long time. Humidity, temperature swings and rains cannot damage these containers as its structure doesn’t contain synthetic elements. Best manufacturing quality and smart design makes it suitable for long term intensive use and thus imparts a long lasting life to these systems.

Benefits of Underground Waste Containers

There are several reasons you should consider about the use of underground waste containers, first of all they are convenient and easy to install and they offer excellent values for your money. Some other great benefits of having an underground waste container over the traditional methods of waste collections are;

  • These systems have greater holding capacity as compared to same area’s surface bins and limited maintenance requirement.
  • It controls CO2 gas emission that was not possible in old systems where waste vehicles used to transport quite often on the roads.
  • Reduced transportation of waste disposal vehicles contributes in reducing noise pollution.
  • They have a feature of waste compaction that enhances the effective capacity by 1.5 to 2.5 times.
  • It increases the collection intervals that ultimately lead to lower operating cost of waste collection service.
  • This unique container design perfectly merges into any urban site. It is easy to use like any other bin for garbage. It comes out to be safe, attractive and harmless to anyone’s health.
  • High hygienic standards of its design controls bacterial development thus provides a healthier life.
  • Being underground, these containers help to contain unpleasant odour away from the atmosphere and reduce noise pollution created by the use of some type of wastes such as glass.