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Aeurosysthas a long experience gained by planning and realizing different waste collection systems up until now. We have developed exceptionally good, reliable and safe underground waste collection system for under and above ground containers using latest technologies available.Aeurosyst Products are distinguished for its high quality service, productivity, functionality, safety, duration, uniformity, versatility, flexibility, low environmental impact and practicality. Our standard product range covers virtually everything. Considering increased requirements for environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions, we provide several solutions adapted to the individual customer’s needs.

Our specialty in this area is a solid construction with an extensive R&D and customized solutions from the drawing table to the end product including built-in safety platform, design, electronic monitoring and controls etc.Together we are creating a better environment; rationally, safely and comfortably by choosing Aeurosyst waste collection systems as the waste solution of the future.

Our systems consist of two main components; one is container and second is collection vehicle.


The underground waste collection container is stored beneath the ground surface and has a connected structure above the ground. It functions as the inlet for waste materials like routine bins. The above ground inlet structure consists of galvanized steel and is available in different styles. It is top-emptying by opening its large cover. In this cover, large waste insertion holes are fitted so all waste can be inserted easily. These inlet containers aredesigned to best fit the Aeurosyst Systems so they are compatible with the side loading Aeurosyst systems.

Collection Vehicle

Our collection vehicles with exceptionally sophisticated machines fitted with an automatic side loader allowing above and underground containers to be emptied automatically with the help of just one operator/driver.

The collection vehicle consists of following components:

  • Automatic hydraulic collection arms
  • Two pick up frames along with a lock system
  • Camera system and monitors to fully control the operating area
  • Optional container weighing system in order to determine and store the weight of the container
  • Optional identification system for recognizing container ID numbers.

The basic principle for the Aeurosyst system design is to ensure safety and offer the best possible work environment. Our waste collection systems offer municipalities, architects, town and country planners possibilities that have not been available prior to us. Aeurosyst compact design and efficiency of waste collection system make the solution possible, not just physically but also financially.

Access control System (Optional)

This access system is available as an option besides the free access on both the under and above ground containers. The system admin can control waste insertion access by means of a magnetic access pass. Use of the access pass can be connected to a prepaid credit system for waste disposal.
The access control system can also be used for the purpose of container management. Through GPRS communication, container can communicate with the admin hence can provide various streams of information like malfunctioning and waste levels in container.

How it works

  • Users deposit their refuse into the above ground inlets. There is one inlet for each type of refuse differentiated by colors or titles.
  • Waste material passes through inlets and temporarily stores in the containers that make the bottom structure of inlet.
  • The waste is then collected at decided collection interval by the collection vehicle.
  • Collection is all handled by the driver or operator by a moveable operating console.
  • All actions are followed on board camera’s which are connected by monitors, visible to the operator/driver. This video system ensures that the docking system locks accurately onto the container.
  • The emptying/collection cycle begins after the container is brought out upright and emptied into the collection vehicle.

Waste Collection Systems

With increasing demand for more efficient and aesthetic recycling and waste collection processes, the smart underground systems offers the most modern method of storing waste materials. These product offer environmental and financial benefits while reduced manning levels and associated costs can create operational savings.

Swipe card access is an optional feature available at all types of systems. This high tech solution reduces the misuse of recycling and waste disposal units. This access card is just one kind of locking mechanisms available that only allows authorized user’s access.

This is an opportunity to create tidy, noiseless collection points for waste and recyclable materials that are largely inconspicuous in their environment and contribute in the local residents and pedestrians ”feel good factor”.

Standard Containers

Use of these containers is easy and safe for any person, the waste openings are large but at the same time light. The front side of the container features a built-in lock for the lid that requires a special key to open. The back side features an expansion that accommodates a “spring-up” type hinge as well as fastening screws from the acid proof steel tapes that keep the outer layer in place.

Our standard containers differ in colour and features depending upon the characteristics of the opening to introduce waste and labels indicate the type of waste to put in. These containers are available in different volumes and with different lid options. The strength and durability of the material is guaranteed as it has been carefully selected, treated, galvanized and is resistant to internal and external knocks. Hence, emptying cycle can be less frequent and faster.

Semi Underground Containers

These are huge capacity containers with a customized approach for particular areas. These containers are fit for that place where digging deep is expensive or not required so is ideal for high urban density and vertical development areas.

These containers have two third of their volume installed underground and the rest of the part is visible on the surface and serves as a refuse deposit point. It fits all standard lifting systems including round headed and three point hooks while it has a great capacity of 3 to 5 cubic meters.

Underground Containers

This is a very solid and innovative solution for differentiated collection of all types of wastes with a great capacity of 3.5 upto 5 cubic meters. Underground containers are containers with prefabricated structure that is totally underground. Each container is composed of a turret for the waste and underground structure to hide the unpleasant and perturbing aspects generated by traditional containers.

It hides theunpleasant and perturbing aspects generated by traditional containers hence it proves to be integrated with the surrounding, improving the urban aspect. With the use of electronic inspection system, it is possible to calculate the amount of waste introduced in each container that helps in making efficient collection vehicle visits schedule.

Service and maintenance

Delivering products and solutions follows maintenance and services for a smooth working. Aeurosyst cares for its customers and believes on long term relationship. We have a strong team of service and maintenance expertise to ensure durability of collections systems and operating efficiency. Our customers are made to believe that we provide quality service, tuning, performance control and support services that maximize system’s delivery output.

Aeurosyst service and maintenance includes.

  • Installation: Our team takes care of whole project of planning, execution and installation of the waste collection systems. Systems are designed in such a way that offers easy installations while deposit point design and styles are decided depending upon the number of units and available space in the area.
  • Inspection: In this service, our certified team inspects the installed containers annually. Team takes the responsibility for inspection of waste volumes and checking in case if there is a need of any repair or replacement.
  • Monitoring: We provide 24hours monitoring service through our web based telemetric technology that provides 24hours support. With this system in place, we are able to monitor the operation remotely round the clock. It included annual, periodic and if necessary corrective cleaning.